SafeVector started as a self-funded project that has evolved over the past 12 years. Initially, it was a project inspired by the significant changes throughout the world related to internet censorship and users’ privacy rights. It ramped up when the Founder witnessed firsthand that his prior company couldn’t do business in China due to the internet censorship forced on the citizens and businesses. Finally, the recent COVID pandemic that put travel restrictions on much of the world made him realize just how important internet freedom is. These conditions led to the formation of SafeVector. At SafeVector, we firmly believe that the internet was born out of the spirit of free and open access for all and we will continue to do our part. With a background in large scale web analytics deployments, infrastructure, data collection practices, and a deep desire to help others, we have partnered with other like-minded technology professionals to build a suite of industry-first tools that will enable the less fortunate around the globe to regain their right to internet freedom.