SafeVector VPN is an advanced VPN system based on Project V’s V2Ray, which is designed to circumvent Internet censorship imposed by authoritarian governments with advanced anti-censorship and anti-blocking technologies. It implements a transparent proxy service enabling applications on supported devices and computers to safely access the uncensored Internet.

SafeVector Web Proxy is an advanced clientless web-based proxy system that enables users to visit websites that are banned by authoritarian governments’ censorship systems. SafeVector Web Proxy’s powerful web rewriting engine offers continuous protection to users who navigate deep into and out of any website. Users will continue to enjoy the uncensored, secure, and unaltered web browsing experience as if they were outside the censored environment.

SafeVector Vault is a data encryption software for Windows, Mac and Linux PCs that helps by protecting private files within “vaults” of 256-bit encryption. These vaults can be stored on the local hard drive, or on cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Box. Most cloud providers encrypt data at the time of transmission, or they keep the decryption keys for themselves, which increases the chance of these keys to be stolen, copied, or misused. SafeVector Vault enables the users to keep the key of their private data in their own hands, advancing the security of their data.