SafeVector Web Proxy is an advanced clientless web-based proxy system that enables users to visit websites that are banned by authoritarian governments’ censorship systems. SafeVector Web Proxy’s powerful web rewriting engine offers continuous protection to users who navigate deep into and out of any website. Users will continue to enjoy the uncensored, secure, and unaltered web browsing experience as if they were outside the censored environment.

  • Strong encryption – All SafeVector Web Proxy sites are protected with industrial strength TLS encryption (HTTPS). Data transmitted between the client browser and the SafeVector Web Proxy server is encrypted.
  • Fast connectivity – SafeVector Web Proxy servers are hosted at datacenters topologically close to the targeted countries to ensure minimal latency and maximize throughput.
  • High-performance – SafeVector Web Proxy is built on NodeJS, which implemented non-blocking I/O model. NodeJS utilizes a single asynchronous thread to handle all requests made, thus reducing the CPU workload and avoids HTTP congestion and takes up less memory compared to conventional web proxy systems.
  • Scalable – SafeVector Web Proxy servers are distributed across different datacenters and placed behind load balancers and CDNs to ensure peak performance at all time. In addition, SafeVector’s network management system supports auto-scaling based on server loads, this not only maintains optimal performance at peak hours but also conserves resources and reduces cost when server load is low.
  • Platform independent – SafeVector Web Proxy works on all platforms including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, iPadOS, and Linux.
  • Dynamic address reassignment – The IP address and domain name for any SafeVector Web Proxy site can be changed in real-time. Multiple domain names can also be assigned to the same site to prevent service interruption for existing users.